Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Am I?

Am I to live?  Life that’s full.
Am I to breathe?  Air ever sweet.
Am I to see?  World that’s free.
Am I to touch?  Your wonder’s lush.
Am I to hear?  Sounds of the unspoken.

Am I to fight? Against friends turned foes.
Am I to eat?  Deserved guilty pleasures.
Am I to laugh? While others weep.
Am I to speak? Words of the meek.
Am I to think? Ideas are bleak.

Am I to learn?  Reasons of existence
Am I to die? Youth only sets forth.
Am I to end? Not now that I’m on my lead
Am I to love? If in loving I was hurt.
Am I to hurt? Cause in hurting I’ve found love.

Am I to pray? If yes, to whom?
Am I to succumb?  The system is in ruins.
Am I to change? Never was it constant.
Am I to lie? I was built in false honesty.
Am I to transcend? Beyond truth and reality.

Am I to prosper? Thing will get better.
Am I to fail? So what if I fail?
Am I to excel? Where else will I go?
Am I to succeed? Till when will I be achieved?
Am I enough? Will I ever be?

Am I?